Samahram Edp 100ml


Samahram, a civilization that goes back to 100 BC, it was a port for exporting frankincense to the east and west. A trade which carried the goods of #Dhofar to the world.Samahram, a new limited edition fragrance by #Omanluxury. A Fragrance inspired by Omani frankincense with a smoky aroma, charming your senses with it’s archaic allure, one that instantly demands warmth and tranquility. Honey, musk, amber and leather in it veins, binding as it flows.


Perfumer: Philippine Courtière


Top Notes: Pink Pepper,
Hearth Notes: Lily and Geranium
Base Notes: Incense, Honey, Leather, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Amber and Musk

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